Getting married in the Hudson Valley and Catskills

Weddings are more than your cake, flowers, dress, and shoes. Weddings are about your people and enjoying your special day with them. We’ll do all we can to capture as many of them as possible with photography, videography, and even a photo booth or drone as our tools. At the end of the day, you should have about 1000 amazing moments to look back on, not 500 photos of your dress hanging in the hallway. 

Below are some of our favorite moments from weddings in the Hudson Valley and Catskills over the years. When you look through Joshua’s portfolio, we hope you see a theme. You’ll see some beautiful guests, some wallflowers, some humorous moments, and a few tears. That’s the essence of what Joshua is there to do: Tell your story through your people, not your stuff.

A few nice words

Wedding Videography

One of the greatest advantages our studio has is the ability to offer photography, videography, and a photo booth all in the same package. Our videography is especially popular. We take the same approach to video as we do for the stills. We never use annoying video lights. We focus on your people. And you end up with a beautiful and cinematic short film that adds context that photographs can’t.

Click here to see a few of our favorite wedding videos



Most full day photography packages include photography by Joshua, an album  for the couple, and possibly an engagement session. If you’re getting married on a weekend from May to November, those packages typically start  around $5000.


If Joshua is the primary videographer the packages are the same price as his photography, but most commonly people add on videography to a photo package for an additional $3500. That includes the editing and the shooting, a nice edited film, and some clips for social media.

Photo Booth

Our Photo Booth is our most popular add-on. It’s a simple digital kiosk rather  than something you step into. It has the capability of printing photos if you want.  We can bring a backdrop, or you can have your florist or wedding planner  design something for you.