Eve and Cece beam with joy as they stroll down the aisle, greeted by standing guests who warmly congratulate them on their newly sealed union.

Hudson valley wedding photographers with 20+ years of experience

Top 7 Reasons to Hire Joshua

Rather than deal with multiple wedding vendors for your photography, videography, and photo booth. Book it all through us and quit stressing about wedding planning.

The days of waiting weeks or months for wedding photos are long gone. You will generally have your all of your photos back within a couple days thanks to the magic of Ai.

Joshua knows where to be to capture moments. He makes images for you, not his Instagram feed. His relaxed and unobtrusive approach will put you at ease even when the timeline goes off the rails.

Joshua excels in low light that can really be a technical challenge for many. He uses the latest technology to capture the romantic mood as you remember it, all without a flash or video light.

Weddings are more than posed pictures of the couple and their pretty stuff. Joshua’s portfolio is full of genuine candid moments, not a thousand photos of the dress hanging in the doorway.

Joshua’s post-production and composition techniques are timeless. He is not going to force you into never-ending poses. Your photos should not be dated by their postproduction style.

Joshua is a 10 year resident of the Hudson Valley and has deep knowledge of every venue, forest, and waterfall you might want to be photographed with.

Joshua is a 10 year resident of the Hudson Valley and has deep knowledge of every venue, forest, and waterfall you might want to be photographed with.

You Are not “Content”

In a world increasingly run by algorithms, authentic unposed photography is being replaced by the never-ending pursuit of likes and “engagement.”

Almost all photographers have incredible cameras and Ai tools to make beautiful photographs for you. Not many of them can capture organic moments and storytelling images. We hope you’ll take a minute to browse through our galleries and get a sense of the type of images we feel tell a story.

The Hudson Valley is an unbelievably beautiful location for a wedding, and you’re going to look great. But your photographer must have the skills to really capture the essence of your day beyond the most obvious. Joshua and his team are unmatched in their ability to capture unposed moments that will make you feel something as you look at them decades from now while telling a story through the expressions of your closest friends and family.

Our Favorite Weddings

The weddings above represent some of Joshua’s favorite couples in some of his most often photographed locations in the Hudson Valley. He is a preferred vendor at many of these venues and happy to share his experiences if you haven’t chosen one yet. If you’re still looking for a venue, check out our Hudson Valley wedding venue guide or give Joshua a call anytime.

About Joshua

Joshua stands in the glow of sunlight through surrounded by hanging moss and tropical leaves.

Joshua is a photographer and filmmaker with over 25 years of wedding experience, based in New York’s Hudson Valley.

He is a former photojournalist from Tennessee who brings an unobtrusive and calm demeanor to every wedding. Although he primarily works in the Hudson Valley now, he has shot weddings all over the globe. He is capable of shooting both photos and videos for you. He is passionate about his community in Newburgh and spends a lot of time hiking with his family and his rescue dogs Skillet and Gravy. He cares more about capturing genuine moments between you and your  friends and family than getting himself on another Pinterest board. He will never be an influencer and he is totally at peace with that.


WEDDING Packages Starting Points

A three-tiered white wedding cake is decorated with anemones and kumquats still on the branch.

Wedding Photography

$4000 – $5500

Wedding Photography and Videography




Albums, Photo Booth, Engagement or Rehearsal

$1250 – $1500