Wedding Photography Packages and Pricing

Although every wedding and every wedding package is different here are some ballpark starting numbers to give you a better sense of what to expect. For high season weekend weddings (Friday, Saturday, Sunday between April and November), Joshua’s minimum packages tend to be around $5,500. Elopement packages start around $1700. However you want to bundle our services together to get to those minimums is fine with us. 


Our hourly minimum for weekends is 8 hours. Our maximum is 12 hours. Your package could also include time for a rehearsal dinner or post wedding brunch. If you have more than 100 guests you’re probably going to want a second shooter. If you have more than 200 we’re going to require it. Joshua’s rate is the same whether he is shooting photos or video. If you get in touch with the details of your event, we will try to customize our quote based on your needs.


We try to keep our pricing as straightforward and transparent as possible. If you tell us how many total hours you think you need (8-10 for most people), the size of the wedding (which helps determine whether you need a second shooter or not), and whether or not you would like to add on video, album design, a photo booth, or engagement session, we should be able to give you a pretty good idea during our first phone call.

Bride looks away and smiles during Jewish wedding in Hudson Valley



• How many hours do we need?

Most people book us for 8-10 hours during high season weekend weddings (May - November). That might include a rehearsal dinner which is usually around 2 hours. We occasionally stay to shoot the Sunday brunch if housed overnight.

• What if we are getting married in the offseason?

Offseason weddings (December - April) are more flexible in terms of minimum hours and package cost. Reach out to learn more.

• How do portrait sessions work?

Portrait sessions are usually one hour, but we can also do a mini session for 20 minutes. A mini is more than enough for one nice photo for a Save the Date. A full hour is better for more variety or if you're interested in an album. Our price is based on shooting in the Hudson Valley on a weekday or weeknight -- there are additional charges for shooting in NYC or on the weekends.

• Can I book the second shooter or videographer for part of the day?

In most cases, photographer, videographer, and second shooter hours need to match up. For instance, we won’t place our second shooter for only the reception or the videographer for only half the day -- it will restrict our ability to appropriately capture your day, and isn’t a fair ask for our team.

• How do albums work?

The most common scenario is one album for yourself and two smaller albums for both sets of parents. You can either use the same album design, or pay for custom designs for each one. There’s a range in price and quality from manufacturers, but the albums we prepare tend to be higher quality than what you have access to as a consumer. There are cheaper options for around $400 or less, but my average retail cost of a standard 10x10 album is closer to $900. Transparently, your retail cost is my actual cost, doubled.

• Do you have a photo booth?

Two, actually -- one small and one large. You can book both together if you want. The smaller booth is great for placing near the dance floor and getting fun shots and boomerangs. The larger booth is better for printing. Either photo booth can come with a nice champagne-gold backdrop. We generally don’t do props, but you’re welcome to bring your own if you really need to have fake mustaches.