Hudson Valley Family Portraits

Family portraits don’t have to be torturous. You don’t have to wear matching outfits. You don’t even have to look at the camera. Joshua approaches his portrait work in the same way he does weddings, by using as much natural light as possible and doing everything he can to make you feel at ease so you can smile naturally. 

We love shooting families and couples who are staying at nearby Airbnbs or hotels in the Hudson Valley or Catskills! If you live in NYC and need a recommendation for the best cabin or farmhouse for family photos, just get in touch!

We offer everything from a super quick 5 minute shoot for people with squirmy toddlers or surly husbands, up to a 4 hour documentary session that includes both photography and videography. The quick sessions are usually in one location. The full sessions allow us to get more of a mix of candid and posed photos or family videos. 


We have a few different options for family portraits. Micro, mini and full sessions. Micro sessions are for new clients only to give you an idea of what Joshua is capable of. They are 5 minutes long, but produce around 40 final images in that time! Mini sessions are about 20 minutes long and give a little more time to work a single location. The micro and mini sessions are only available to locals within 15-30 minutes of Newburgh.

Full sessions are our most popular and give you a better mix of candid and posed images. We can also do a combination of indoor and outdoor if you are home or staying at an Airbnb in the Catskills or Hudson Valley. They last about an hour. With that amount of time we can usually do outfit changes, multiple locations, and take a break for a tantrum if needed.

Finally, we have our documentary sessions. These are longer sessions of 2-4 hours (or longer) and may include photography and/or videography. These are often booked to document important family milestones like a birthday party, a birth, or just fun family moments like a trip to the lake or beach, a favorite hiking trail, or a picnic in the woods. At the end of it you’ll receive a little book so you can stop feeling guilty about not having family photo albums on the shelf. 

Mother looking young baby wrapped around chest stands in Catskill forest
Son rests elbows on mom's shoulders doing hike in Catskills, afternoon light shines through trees and greenery.
Dad holds baby daughter while sitting in Hudson Valley home
Gay couple sit on porch and smile at each other at Hudson Valley home.
Mom holds infant son as they both smile, standing in fall leaves in Hudson Valley
Dad, mom, baby son, sit on bench as young daughter stands up to smile widely in fall Hudson Valley park
Mom and son take break during Catskill hike to eat watermelon
Family with dog stands outside home in Hudson Valley and smile at camera
Young daughter sits on dad's shoulders as they sit on their Hudson Valley home's porch

Are You Ready to Begin?

Reach out and tell us a little about your family below. Who will be involved in the shoot? What’s their style? Where would you like the shoot to happen? Why a portrait session now?

Most of our weekends between May and November are booked for weddings, but most weekdays and offseason weekends are flexible. Our family portrait work is primarily shot on location, but our Newburgh studio is also available for headshots, newborn photography, and other types of portraiture that are better suited for a controlled setting.